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Scores on Doors SA initiative

Before listing initiative benefits, the best policy from the onset is to clearly stress that participation in the initiative is voluntary. Secondly, the initiative falls under the private sector and is NOT free, i.e. the inspection. Lastly, any foodservice that wishes to participate in the initiative should be passionate about their food safety. More importantly, would consumers be more inclined to support your business...

The benefits for Foodservices

  • Food safety commitment.
  • Food safety transparency.
  • Scores attract consumers.
  • Becomes part of your food safety due diligence.
  • Your business meets minimum food hygiene standards.
  • A visible marketing advantage over your competitors.
  • Attracting/ redirecting of your competitor’s customers to you.
  • Promote your score on your website and in your marketing.
  • Research shows that food safety scores are good for business.

Need more answers?

For in-debth information on Scores on Doors SA, read... here. (Consumer Information)

How to get started

Participating in the Scores on Doors initiative is simple, so don’t be put off by all the report forms, etc. Before you know it, your food safety management plan will be in place and you'll wonder what all the fuss was about in the first place!

To get started, download the 2012 i-eat Voluntary Standards Pack... here. All downloads are available on the Recognised Standards webpage. The 2012 i-eat Voluntary Standards manual is a summary of the Scores on Doors recognised standards. Print a copy and familiarise yourself on the workings of the informative eating (i-eat) food safety grading system. Keep hard copies of all SA legislative requirements and Codex on file; read these regularly so that you are kept well-informed.

Finally, implement the i-eat grading system and ensure that is up and running a minimum of 60-days before requesting your first food hygiene inspection. To gauge your food safety levels, use the food business assessment report form to do a mock inspection of your establishment.



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